Delmarva Balloon Rides – Eastern Shore, Maryland

Delmarva Balloon Rides – Eastern Shore

Exciting Hot Air Balloon Rides in the Maryland, Virginia, & Delaware Area!! Get a Bird’s Eye View of the Eastern Shore from the air low and high for a great adventure in our beautiful hot air balloon. Sail through the skies, float over corn fields, nearby rivers, and treetops (pick some leaves if you like). See wild animals like deer and birds. Take in breathtaking 360 degree views of Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay area making your flight a lifetime experience you will never forget!!

Your Pilot will be  Todd Davis.  He has been involved in ballooning for over 16 years and hold an FAA Commercial Pilot Certification, so you can relax and enjoy your peaceful, uplifting experience in our balloon.    They fly 12 months a year, 7 days a week (weather permitting).  Since balloon flights require specific weather conditions, flights generally occur at sunrise or just before sunset when the winds are the lightest. If wind speed at the time of launch is more than 6 miles an hour, it is too dangerous to fly. Other weather conditions such as rain, low clouds and certain wind direction, will keep the balloons on the ground for safety reasons

There are a number of different flughts you can take, morning and late afternoon.  You can even help with the balloon inflation if you want.  The flight lasts for an hour approximately.   The whole experience generally takes 3 hours, this includes the set up, flight, pack up and upon landing you will be given the history of ballooning followed by a champagne toast (or sparkling cider) and a fist flight certificate.

Private flights for 2 are also available.  You need to call for pricing and availability for these.


1137 Little Creek Road
Chester, Maryland 21619